Social Analytics

for informed decision making

Get a better understanding of your audience behaviour, campaign performance, and meaningful insights with next-gen social media analytics software.

Social Analytics

Get Insightful data from Social Analytics

Extract actionable social media insights from the data and transform the data into actionable intelligence with Hipsocial

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powerful analytics

Powerful Analytics

Retrieve in-depth analytics to make data-driven decisions and make changes to enhance social media presence.

network-wise reports

Network-wise Reports

Analyze what your customers on different social channels want to consume. Serve them accordingly to increase engagement.

advanced analytics

Advanced Analytics

Get in-depth insights into how each of your social handles performs and make data-driven decisions to scale up.

date range

Date Range

Pick a date range and get the data you need from that time frame. It enables you to set and organise the results based on specific dates.

What is Social Analytics?

Social analytics is the capacity to gather and locate meaning in the information accumulated from social channels to support enterprise choices also has ability to acquire and interpret data from social media channels in order to support business choices and analyse the effectiveness of activities taken as a result of those decisions.

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