How to Solve Common Customer Care Challenges Using Social Media?

Social media is a vital marketing tool for modern businesses, but it can also improve customer service. To reap the benefits of this plan, you must execute it properly; if you don't carefully manage your social media presence, you risk damaging your brand and driving away prospective paying consumers.


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What Makes the Best Social Media Management Tool?

Customer care challenges nowadays are relentlessly increasing based on various factors that they are facing. Also, due to the pandemic, they have shifted their behavior dramatically as it has driven the customers towards the digital channels for their entire social and business transactions.

Let us know how you can solve the customer care challenges with the help of social messaging. customer-care-challenges

Importance of Social Media

Social media is an active marketing tool for modern businesses, but it can also improve customer service. To reap the benefits of this plan, you must execute it properly; if you don't carefully manage your social media presence, you risk damaging your brand and driving away prospective paying consumers.

Your company should have plans in place for dealing with customer service concerns via social media since it provides an additional, more convenient means of communicating with consumers and vice versa. It also improves your brand's reputation and, if done correctly, enhances your chances of becoming viral.

A well-crafted social media customer service plan, at the very least, might provide a chance to cultivate a distinct, memorable, or even humorous brand voice. An effective customer service plan demands a brand's presence and availability across all of its consumers' preferred channels.

Ways to Use Social Media for Customer Service

Of course, several strategies are completely acceptable to follow in building social media engagements; there are only a few ones that fall under the proven state.

Let us discuss a few of them in detail.

1. Establish Authentic and Timely Relationship with Customer

In general, many businesses use social media to self-promote, and they don't always reply when customers leave comments or tweet at them. Engage in discussion on your Facebook and Twitter profiles to develop actual relationships.

While failing to reply at all will certainly harm your brand, you must also respond within a fair length of time. According to a Convince & Convert study, 42% of consumers anticipate a response to a social media complaint within 60 minutes, and nearly a third want a response within half an hour.

2. Use Hashtags Strategically

Hashtags, especially on sites like Twitter, help keep things organized and easy to explore. You can also use the hashtag to contribute more information and curate content. One of the web development sites, Wix, named three types of hashtags to use: Content, Trending, and Brand-specific.

While it is important to be up to date with both content and current hashtags, especially during the holidays, it may also be much helpful to establish brand-specific hashtags for certain campaigns. For example, if you own a watch business and are about to promote your watch, you can use the hashtag like #trendingWatches across various social media channels.

3. Always Be Available to Your Customers

Customers must first be able to contact you in order for you to reply successfully. It is said that brands typically fall short on social customer care because they don't actively listen to and engage with customers.

Brands that wish to provide efficient social media customer care should employ social media listening tool to highlight any posts about their brand or goods. For example, Introducing automation using the Chatbot feature can help ease the burden on the customer agents.

Working together, companies can respond more swiftly and effectively to every important interaction by striking the appropriate mix [between] automation and accessible customer care personnel.

Being inactive means not only missing the opportunities for positive interactions but also for easy sales and profits.

4. Be Responsive

First, whenever you respond to a customer, it is recommended to listen to that customer closely. Also, it's critical to pay attention and show that you're paying attention. The poor reaction is caused by a lack of attention, which reflects poorly on your brand. After all, when your brand responds to a specific user, it is visible to more than just your followers.

Also, a no response is considered a poor response. Whether it is a positive response or an angrily-ended response, people love being heard and acknowledged.

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A little thank-you, like, or emoji may have a tremendous influence on an individual scale since it shows the consumer that your company is paying attention and responding. They are also tremendous influencers in social media. The objective is to keep your followers, especially potential consumers, informed that your business is active on social media channels as the best influencers in social media and attentive to their needs.

5. Take Public Conversations Privately

Many irate or dissatisfied consumers post public comments on your Instagram and Facebook pages or tweet at your company. This can reflect poorly on your business, particularly if others retweet or spread the remarks.

While you should not disregard these signals, you should not deal with the situation in public. Sending a public answer with an invitation to continue the conversation privately shows other consumers that you appreciate their input. Send a tweet back to apologize and remind them that a member of your customer care staff reached out to them in their direct messages if someone tweets about how their goods came damaged.

Some Social Tools to Support Customer Service

socialtoolstosupportcustomer service

You may utilize a variety of social media platforms to help with customer service:

Messaging Applications/Tools:

Messaging tools, such as Facebook Messenger and ClickDesk, are excellent methods to connect with your customers directly. Request that they contact you directly (or reach out to you if they posted a remark on your page) so that you can resolve the situation confidentially.


Chatbots, like live chat, are ideal for quickly answering consumer problems. Customers no need to wait for a response from a chatbot, even if it is in the middle of the night. Chatbots are also less expensive to use than human customer care personnel.

However, responses lack a human touch because there is no genuine representation on the other end of the line.

Tracking Systems:

Some software and services track the effect of your social media customer care efforts, letting you know how much time it takes your company to reply to messages or address issues. You'll be able to provide your approval wherever it's needed.


As there exist many influencers in social media, it is better to choose the right influencers among all of them. Also, you should always be aesthetically improving your customer service by always being attentive. Providing a suitable solution to the customer will not only make them satisfied, but also they will revisit your website to fulfill their respective needs.

You can also show other consumers how dedicated you are to keeping them pleased if you handle client complaints and issues on social media. It can be achieved by being the best influencers on social media channels.

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