How To Use Social Media Management Software?

Social Media Software allows you to monitor all of your social media pages from a single place, get useful information for refining your tactics.


Manage all social media channels in one place


Add unlimited projects for multiple clients


Create and publish posts on all social media channels


Configure multiple streams like Twitter pages, Instagram posts


Plan and schedule bulk social media posts


Access reports for a detailed overview of day-to-day accomplishments


Integrate with various third-party applications like CRM, social media apps and more


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What Makes the Best Social Media Management Tool?

""""Irrespective of your business size, target audience, or product and services, you need social media to reach your target audience directly. Running your personal social media pages might not be an arduous task; however, running a brand's social media page or multiple social media pages entails a lot of planning and consistency.""""

Instagram, the largest image-sharing social media has over 1billion users, while YouTube, the largest video-sharing social media app, has over two billion monthly subscribers. Imagine getting your brand and content across to a more significant percentage of these people? That's the goal of every social media manager.

What is social media management software?

Several procedures and actions are involved in setting up a brand's social media account. You have to stay active across multiple social media platforms, create and schedule posts for each page, track responses and feedback. The entire process is quite cumbersome; that is why you need social media management software.

A social media management software allows you to monitor all your social media pages and activities on a single dashboard. The software has various tools and features that will enable you to engage users and suggest potential customers. In addition, social media tools give you insight into the best strategies to increase your reach.

As a digital marketer or social media manager, there are several techniques and tools to handle your social media page. You must ensure that the software suits your strategy and doesn't compromise your security features. One of that versatile software for all campaign types is Hipsocial.

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How to use social media management software?

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At this juncture, I must walk you through the processes involved in handling social media pages. There is also the need to Identify the tools integrated in to a social media management software and use them to grow your brand. They include;

Using software like Hipsocial is relatively easy. Firstly, you need to identify your target audience. For example, if your brand is into beauty products and cosmetics, your target audience is the ladies. Identifying your target audience will help you develop the best strategy and content to use in your marketing campaign.

There are several marketing campaign templates available on Hipsocial. If you have no idea where to start or what strategy to use, you can easily pick from the available templates.

Afterward, you will have to schedule your content. Hipsocial has the content schedule feature that allows you to load your content and set the time to (automatically) upload across your social media pages. It would be best to have a consistent pattern in uploading your content online. That will keep your page organized.

You should identify the period when your target audiences are mostly online. Scheduling your posts to that period will increase your reach. However, you should not upload anytime or at irregular intervals; it gives your brand a bad image.

You should constantly interact and engage with your customers and other social media users. The interaction will get your audience's attention faster. For instance, if someone comments on your post, you can like and reply to their comments. It doesn't demean your brand. On the contrary, it helps you gain the attention of such a user.

You can use social media management software to track related posts via algorithm. For instance, if your brand runs a car dealership, the software will notify you when an influencer or notable personality uploads car-related content. You can go to the comments under the post and engage those who dropped their comment.

They will be curious to check your page and know what its all about. Some users will drop comments on getting a similar car soon; you can pitch to them. These are just a few ways to engage people on social media pages.

""""Lastly, you can use the software to monitor your social media pages on a single dashboard, track how your posts are faring, and get insightful details on improving your strategies.""""


Running your social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp on a single software is possible. It is easier to monitor when you use Hipsocial software. Sounds interesting, right? Check more details about the software on

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