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Best Twitter Integration

Seamlessly manage your Twitter account without leaving Hipsocial. Save hours of your time with our social media management software integration.

easily schedule posts

Easily schedule posts

Create and schedule your Twitter posts up to months in advance and save hours of your time with HipSocial. Set the date and the time, up to the exact minutes with ease. Then select your desired time zone if you're in a different part of the world than your audience.

Follow hundreds of users in seconds

With our Chrome extension automation feature, bulk follow or unfollow hundreds of Twitter users on your lists in literally a second, with only one click! No more waste your hours of time following or unfollowing users manually.

follow hundreds of users in seconds
monitor social streams

Monitor social streams

No more flipping between tabs to monitor your social media channels. With our Twitter integration, monitor your competitors, ensure your brand’s reputation isn't being tarnished, follow relevant searches and more all in one place.

Interact with your audience

With in-app actions such as retweets, replies, likes, and follows, easily engage with your audience on your social streams so you can drive more traffic to your site without leaving Hipsocial.

interact with your audience
media management

Media management

Upload images, videos, and audio files to HipSocial to create captivating posts that your audience will love. Easily share with your teams so you can be confident that your content is always consistent with your brand.

Analyze your performance

Get a detailed summary of how many posts you've published, total tweets, followers, following, and favorites so you can see how your Twitter marketing campaigns are performing with reports.

analyze your performance

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