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Increase your reach, stay consistent, and engage with your audience without sacrificing hours of your day with Hipsocial.

measure how your videos perform

Measure how your videos perform

With reports, get insightful data on views, comments, likes, dislikes, estimated time spent watching and average view duration so you can see if your YouTube marketing strategy is effective.

Seamlessly manage your channels

Manage and moderate multiple YouTube channels on one dashboard. With our YouTube integration, stay consistent and maintain brand reputation by uploading videos, scheduling content, monitoring comments and competitors effortlessly.

seamlessly manage your channels
interact with your audience

Interact with your audience

With Hipsocial, easily engage with your audience across your published comments, videos, playlists and more. Or search for trending topics and interact with your audience on the videos they like.

Monitor your competitors

Easily see what your competitors are doing and how they’re positioning themselves with social listening streams. Find out what type of content your audience is interested in and identify gaps in your competitors’ YouTube marketing strategy that you can take advantage of with Hipsocial.

monitor your competitors

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